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2006 Caterham CSR 260 Superlight

2006 Caterham CSR 260 Superlight
2006 Caterham CSR 260 Superlight Specifications
Brakes F/R:ABS, vented disc/disc
Tires F-R:195/45 R15 - 245/40 R15
Driveline:Rear Wheel Drive
Displacement cu in (cc):138 (2261)
Power bhp (kW) at RPM:260(192) / 7500
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM:200(272) / 6200
Redline at RPM:n.a.
Length Width Height in:128.7 67.9 43.5
Weight lb (kg):1245 (565)
Acceleration 0-60 mph s:3.1
Top Speed mph (km/h):155 (250)
Fuel Economy EPA city/highway mpg (l/100 km):n.a.
Base Price: 2006 Caterham CSR 260 Superlight - 37,995 (last update: 2/21/2007)

Caterham Goes Superlight With CSR 260

In a perfect example of automotive alchemy, Caterham Cars from the UK is set to deliver all the driving excitement associated with its stripped-out Superlight versions to the range-topping Caterham CSR 260 model, to create the brand new Caterham CSR 260 Superlight.

Aimed at the enthusiast, the 2.3-liter Cosworth-powered road legal Caterham CSR 260 Superlight brings all the performance credentials associated with its stablemate, like a supercar-humbling 0-60 mph time of 3.1 seconds and a license-losing top speed of 155 mph, yet swaps the windscreen, carpet, heater and weather gear for a limited slip differential and a quicker steering rack. Decisively, it also premiers 'Dynamic Suspensions' dampers manufactured by MTCe as original equipment for an undiluted performance driving experience.

The result is a breath-taking Caterham experience that blends no frills road legal agility with devastating track capability.

Fifty-five lbs lighter than the standard CSR 260, this model variant also adds distinctive Superlight styling to the exterior, including a wind deflector, a carbon-fiber dashboard and wings, a black powder coated cockpit, quick release MOMO steering wheel and 'black pack' that disguises otherwise aluminum detailing.

A natural extension of the CSR range, this Superlight model delivers all the thrills of frantic acceleration, pin-sharp steering, high revving eager performance mated to a close ratio six speed box, in a sportscar that is perfectly balanced to focus the driver solely on driving and smiling.

With a power-to-weight ratio of 460 bhp per tone, the Caterham CSR 260 Superlight finds itself in similar company to the Porsche Carrera GT or the Ferrari F430.

In a now customary move, Caterham has developed an options list that highlights the cost alongside the weight of items such as windscreen, heater, weather gear, dry sump, track day roll-over bar and fire extinguisher.

Caterham is taking orders now with the first cars delivered in August.

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