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Accessories for the BMW 3-Series Convertible

Accessories for the BMW 3-Series Convertible

Source: BMW | Published: March 19, 2007

The experience of driving the new BMW 3 Series Convertible is now more exciting than ever. To mark its market launch, the BMW 3 Series Convertible now offers a wide choice of attractive options available in addition to the optional features installed at the factory. The range of accessories includes high-grade light-alloy wheels, an aerodynamics package, interior design elements and a uniquely designed windbreak. Furthermore, options include a high-end in-car entertainment system featuring an interface for the Apple iPod, integrated hands-free mobile phone installations and luggage storage solutions developed exclusively for the BMW 3 Series Convertible.

With the aerodynamics package for the new BMW 3 Series Convertible, the dynamic and elegant lines of the open two-seater can now be accentuated even more. Moreover, the set, which comprises a front apron and rear fairing, contributes towards an optimization of aerodynamics. The components included in the aerodynamics package, which has been tested in a wind tunnel, are made of fiberglass-reinforced polyurethane (PUR). Additionally, a rear spoiler made of the same material is available, providing additional downforce on the rear axle.

Light-alloy wheels, available as accessories with either a star spoke, radial spoke or BMW M cross-spoke design, and the convertible’s muscular styling enhance aerodynamics even further. The wheels are exclusively fitted with tires featuring runflat technology.

The optional accessories available for the interior of the new BMW 3 Series Convertible offer a multitude of possibilities to express one’s own personal style. Illuminated door sill trims for driver and front seat passenger doors add an extra touch of radiance. Illumination is effected by means of electroluminescent foil. The BMW letters in chrome look become visible in light conditions.

The beautifully designed and pleasant-to-touch gearshift lever/gear selector lever on automatic transmission, both sporting diamond black trim, as well as the handbrake featuring the same styling, are uniquely impressive features. A matching cover for the sports steering wheel in diamond black is also available.

A uniquely designed windbreak deflects undesirable air turbulence, bringing instead a touch of creative freshness into the interior of the new BMW 3 Series Convertible. The designer windbreak bears a motif inspired by the convertible silhouette, which was optimized in a wind tunnel. This feature was created within the framework of a competition in which more than 100 design and art colleges in Germany were invited to participate.

Additional interior storage space is facilitated by the rear seat back, which folds down completely and for which the optional accessories include a rear compartment bag designed exclusively for this purpose. It fits into the space behind the front seats perfectly, allowing safe, secure and water-protected storage of luggage at the rear. Alternatively, a set of cases can be purchased. It consists of two different sized cases made of a fabric and leather combination, which also fit exactly into the rear storage compartment.

To protect the car from climatic effects and dust, two different car cover versions are available. These protective covers are designed for use both outside and inside and tailored to fit the contours of the convertible perfectly.

Thanks to high-end audio components the new BMW 3 Series Convertible provides both driver and passenger with sheer hi-fi enjoyment. A BMW interface for Apple iPods is also available for further convenience and music pleasure. This allows digitally stored music files to be saved directly to the convertible’s audio system. The iPod is fully integrated into the audio system, operation being effected via the iDrive controller, the multifunction steering wheel or the radio controls. The installation of a mobile telephone is extremely simple and convenient. The accessory range for the new BMW 3 Series Convertible includes hands-free devices complete with mounting brackets and charge function for many different makes of mobile phone.

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