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Another British Supercar: 600-horsepower Ascari A10

Another British Supercar: 600-horsepower Ascari A10

Source: Ascari | Published: December 9, 2005

Ascari, creators of the stunning KZ1 supercar, has just revealed that it has a second car in development – the 600 bhp A10 – a road going version of Ascari’s Spanish GT Race Car.

Currently undergoing rigorous testing in advance of its Summer 2006 release, the A10 is the next generation Ascari dream drive. Engineers at Banbury and at the exclusive RaceResortAscari racetrack, are committed to ensuring this 220 mph supercar delivers a knockout blow to the competition. And just like its highly desired KZ1 cousin, the A10 will be just as elusive, with just 50 to be hand-built at Banbury, and even more exclusive with a price tag of around £350,000 (about $605,000). It will weight less than 1280 kg (2820 lb).

Power will come from a 600 bhp 5-liter V8 engine, with a six speed manual as standard and a sequential gearbox available as an option. With a six-piece carbon fiber body, fixed rear wing and distinctive headlight configuration, the A10 is destined to be a head-turner.

Chris Burton from Ascari says: "We are extremely excited by the prospect of launching the A10. This car’s roots are in the racetrack making it a truly inspiring driving machine, yet refined enough by design to be driven every day as a supercar."

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