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Ascari KZ1R Makes First Track Appearance

Ascari KZ1R Makes First Track Appearance

Source: Ascari | Published: February 4, 2005

The KZ1R, Ascariís new thoroughbred for the track, makes its first appearance in Holland at Auto Rai.

The KZ1R is the track-tuned version of the KZ1, the race-bred supercar for the road, of which only 50 will ever be created.

Its powerful 5.0 liter BMW based V8 engine delivers 520 bhp and can reach a top speed of 200 mph and goes from 0-60 mph in an adrenalin pumping 3.4 seconds.

Hand-built to order at the state-of-the-art Ascari design and production facility in Banbury, the KZ1R costs around $420,000 depending on exact customer specification. Stylish, edgy and sleekly aerodynamic the KZ1R has a super-light, super-strong carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and body shell weighing just 1,250 kg. A front splitter and fixed rear wing add the finishing touches that turn this supercar into a track superstar. The interior is stripped to the bare bones to reduce weight even further and accommodate the integral roll cage. This is a car designed to take pole position on even the most challenging racetrack and is one to look out for in 2005.

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