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Holy Tire Smoke! Batmobile Versus the Toyota Formula 1 Car in Promotional Event!

Holy Tire Smoke! Batmobile Versus the Toyota Formula 1 Car in Promotional Event!

Source: | Published: July 8, 2008

By Jesse Sears
RSportsCars Contributor

In anticipation of the release of the movie "The Dark Knight" and its parent studio's sponsorship of the Panasonic Toyota Formula 1 racing season, Toyota and Warner Bros. staged a press event where the complete, running Batmobile that appears in the new Batman movie ran at Silverwillow Speedway along side the Batmobile, to the feverish flashes of cameras on all sides. The Batmobile then proceeded to take a pit stop, where it was attended to by the pit crew of the Panasonic Toyota F1 Racing Team.

The Batmobile was there in all its tank-like glory, but since it has grown considerably in the latest iterations of the Batman franchise, the Batmobile looked positively portly next to the svelte Toyota Formula 1 car. The Panasonic Toyota team is featuring artwork promoting the new Batman film, "The Dark Knight," which will be released worldwide July 18 from Warner Bros., on its Panasonic Toyota TF108 Cars. The Toyota TF108 will compete in the coming

[From a Toyota F1 Team Press Release...] Formula 1 met Hollywood at Silverstone on Thursday when Panasonic Toyota Racing's TF108 Formula 1 car drove head to head with the Batmobile, as part of a promotion for the new Batman movie The Dark Knight.

Timo Glock drove the TF108 alongside the Batmobile, which went on to make a Formula 1-style pit stop, while Jarno Trulli had the chance to sample the Bat-Pod vehicle. In addition to the on-track action, Panasonic Toyota Racing is also featuring The Dark Knight artwork on the TF108 and the overalls of both drivers, as well as the team's motorhome.
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