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Spiced Up Audi R8 from B&B

Spiced Up Audi R8 from B&B

Source: B&B | Published: August 6, 2007

20-inch wheel sets for the new Audi R8 are now available from the German tuner B&B.

The front axle’s measurement is 9“x20” with tires in 235/30 R20 and the rear axle’s is 11“x20” with tires in 305/25 R20. These rims also result in an optimized braking ventilation.

To reach better handling and a lowering of about 0.9 inch on the front axle and about 0.4 inch on the rear axle, B&B offers special sport springs.

In order to be able to go as well as it looks, B&B also offers engine tuning for the Audi supercar. The V8 engine can be upgraded to 450 bhp, which is enough to shave 0.3 of a second from a sprint to 60 mph and about a second to 125 mph.

2007 Audi R8
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