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BMW's V10 Power Unit is the

BMW's V10 Power Unit is the "Engine of the Year 2005"

Source: BMW | Published: June 6, 2005

BMW has become the first car manufacturer to receive six different prizes within a year at the annual Engine of the Year Awards, the world's most prestigious engine competition. The prizes include one for the most unique diesel power unit, the Variable TwinTurbo engine featured in the BMW 535d.

In addition to first prize as "Engine of the Year", awarded several days ago at the Engine Expo 2005 in Stuttgart to the 373 kW (507 bhp) V10 high-performance engine powering the BMW M5 / M6, BMW engines also managed to scoop the following awards:

- V10 5.0-litre engine in the M5/M6: Best New Engine 2005
- V10 5.0-litre engine in the M5/M6: Best Performance Engine 2005
- V10 5.0-litre engine in the M5/M6: Winner in the class exceeding 4.0 litres
- 3.0-litre 535d Variable TwinTurbo-Diesel: Winner in the class 2.5 to 3.0 litres
- 3.2-litre six cylinder engine in the M3: Winner in the class 3.0 to 4.0 litres.

It is of particular interest to note that a diesel power unit - the 200 kW (272 bhp) 3.0-litre Variable TwinTurbo engine featured in the BMW 535d - was again voted winner in one of a total of eight different engine classes by an international jury comprising 56 renowned journalists.

This means that BMW is the most successful brand to participate in the Engine of the Year competition, the Munich engine builder now having seized 26 trophies over a period of seven years. The 252 kW (343 bhp) 3.2-litre high-performance power unit featured in the BMW M3 has alone received this coveted award for the fifth time in succession - an unprecedented record.

This remarkable engine has contributed decisively to BMW's sustained accomplishment at the Engine of the Year Awards, thereby assisting the company in establishing itself as the most successful engine designer and builder. When one of the members of the jury, Arturo de Andres, says for instance that the M3 engine is a power unit "for drivers who appreciate first-class engineering", he is referring to the both agile and distinctive, high-revving inline six cylinder, a unique engine indeed.

Note: All horsepower figures noted are European DIN ratings. U.S. SAE net ratings vary somewhat from the numbers quoted here.

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