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The Fastest MotoGP Riders to Receive BMW Z4 Ms

The Fastest MotoGP Riders to Receive BMW Z4 Ms

Source: BMW | Published: February 28, 2006

Riders with the fastest time on the racing circuit will be rewarded with a fast car to take home with them. This year, BMW is donating two awesome new M automobiles, the BMW M Award, as prizes for the best MotoGP riders participating in the Motorcycle Road Racing World Championship. The rider achieving fastest time in the MotoGP tests being held in Barcelona/Spain on 5 March 2006 will win a BMW Z4 M Roadster. A BMW Z4 M Coupe will go to the MotoGP rider with the fastest overall time from all qualifying rounds at the last world championship leg in Valencia/Spain on October 29.

Moreover, BMW will again be supplying the Safety Cars for the Motorcycle Road Racing World Championship for the next four years, thereby continuing its commitment which began in 1999. In addition to four further BMW automobiles, a BMW M5 and an M6, both delivering 507 bhp and driven by professionals, will constitute a fast-moving and eye-catching escort to the MotoGP, an event comprising 17 races seen by an average of more than 300 million television viewers worldwide and up to 250,000 spectators lining the circuit.

Furthermore, BMW will be supplying the Dorna company, organizer of this world championship race, with a larger fleet of additional BMW models for organizational purposes.

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2006 BMW Z4 M Coupe
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