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New Eclipse Previewed
10/07/2004 - The all-new Eclipse hints toward a performance and handling package that will re-excite the sporty car segment.
Kleemann C 55K S8
10/01/2004 - 3.8 seconds from zero to 62 mph sounds impossible for a four-door salon car, but not for Kleemann.
Ascari KZ1R Debutes in Britain
09/27/2004 - The KZ1R, with a base price of $400,000, hit British tarmac for the first time.
Record Run for BMW's Hydrogen Combustion Engine
09/22/2004 - The BMW H2R prototype is capable of speeds over 180 mph.
Porsche Cayenne with 500 bhp and Panorama Roof
09/17/2004 - Porsche is expanding its Cayenne customization program.
35th Anniversary of the Nissan Z
09/16/2004 - The Z‘s rebellious spirit continues stronger than ever in 2005 with the arrival of a special 350Z.
LE Spyder to Commemorate the 90th Anniversary
09/16/2004 - The Spyder 90th Anniversary features a new color scheme, 19" rim wheels and other modifications.
$31 Million of Maserati MC-12s Delivered to FIA
08/31/2004 - Maserati has presented to the FIA the 25 x MC12 road versions, ready to be delivered to customers.
Porsche 911 Turbo Celebrates its 30th Anniversary
08/24/2004 - Nearly 30 years ago, Porsche introduced a high-performance sports car that set new benchmarks.
Mini XXL
08/12/2004 - Mini is taking the craze for personalization to extreme lengths with the launch of a six meter long Mini Cooper S limo.
Honda S2000 Gets Milder... But Only Slightly
08/05/2004 - S2000 has always felt like a car on a pace lap – impatient, desperate to be cut loose and urged faster. By David Bellm.
Ford GT Wins in a Race Against Jet Aircraft
08/05/2004 - The aerospace-inspired 2005 Ford GT super car wins at speeds over 170 mph.
Ford GT to Race Jet Aircraft
07/26/2004 - Ford will put the Ford GT to the "flight" test by racing it against various air show aircraft on the runway.
The GTO is Back. And He's Gotten an Education.
07/02/2004 - Hammering your sole way down onto GTO’s loud pedal is a temptation hard to resist in any weather. By David Bellm.
BMW Alpina B7
06/25/2004 - Based on the BMW 7 series, the two-ton saloon will transport five passengers in luxury at up to 186 mph.
BMW M5: Muscles from Munich
06/23/2004 - BMW M GmbH unveils its high-revving ultra-powerful V10 engine destined for the M5.
450 bhp Lancer Evolution Breaks Cover in the UK
06/14/2004 - Owen Developments (UK) introduced their 450 bhp, 400 lb-ft Lancer Evolution upgrade.
Preview: Chevrolet Cobalt SS and SS Supercharged
06/07/2004 - Chevrolet finally offers a decent sport-compact model. Written by David Bellm for
Track Testing Porsche’s Anniversary Edition Boxster
05/26/2004 - A quick lap of Road America in one of Porsche’s latest models. Written by David Bellm for
Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Production in Woking
05/25/2004 - The production of the SLR McLaren at the McLaren Technology Center combines the best of two worlds.


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