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Porsche Announces New Limited Edition Boxster
08/14/2007 - Porsche’s all-new orange 2008 Limited Edition Boxster and Boxster S will soon be stirring excitement around the country with a stylish design and competitive pricing.
Lamborghini Announces 2008 Model Year Enhancements
08/14/2007 - Automobili Lamborghini has announced its 2008 model year Gallardo and Murcielago LP640 models.
Frankfurt Debut for the Suzuki Kizashi Sports Concept
08/11/2007 - With this mid-range model the Japanese automobile producer will complete its ‘upward breakthrough’ enabling it to offer a much wider choice of product in the market.
Spiced Up Audi R8 from B&B
08/06/2007 - The German tuner B&B offers engine upgrade and 20-inch wheels for the Audi supercar.
Vibrant BMW 3-Series Convertible from Hamann
07/30/2007 - To enhance the newest open-top Bavarian beauty, Hamann offers aerodynamic kit, power boost, new wheels, and suspension components.
500-horsepower Supercar Without Electronic Aids Planned
07/18/2007 - A Dutch firm is planning to develop a 5-liter, 500-horsepower sports car that will have no electronic aids.
Kia to Unveil Sports Coupe Concept
07/18/2007 - Kia Motors is to unveil a dramatic 2+2 sports coupe concept at the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.
SpeedART Aero Kits for the 911 Turbo
07/13/2007 - SpeedART recently revealed an upgraded line of accessories for the Porsche 911 Turbo, named BTR-XL.
Ferrari Set New Records - On Water
06/21/2007 - An Italian racer established two new world water speed records on Lake Como, navigating a boat, fitted with an engine of a Ferrari F430.
385 Ferraris Set Guinness World Record
06/12/2007 - Ferrari owners from the UK and all over the world joined together to create an amazing spectacle to celebrate Ferrari’s 60th Anniversary.
Ferrari Owners Attempt New Guiness Record
06/05/2007 - More than 300 Ferrari owners attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for the “Largest Parade of Ferrari Cars” at Silverstone on Saturday 9 June.
New Brabus Power Kit for All Mercedes-Benz 63 AMG Models
06/05/2007 - Brabus presents its B63 S engine tuning, which boosts power output of the high-revving 6.2-liter V8 to 550 bhp and peak torque to 480 lb-ft.
NSX Gathering Steals the Show
05/31/2007 - Europe’s largest ever gathering of Honda NSX supercars stole the limelight at last weekend’s JapFest show at Castle Combe.
The Great American Run Announces $1 Million Bounty
05/22/2007 - The Cannonball World Series has announced that entrants will have the chance to walk away with the largest prize in road racing - a cool $1 million.
BMW Wins International Engine of the Year Award
05/09/2007 - BMW has been named the outright winner of the acclaimed International Engine of the Year for its 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged petrol engine.
725 bhp Street Legal Shelby GT500 Super Snakes Edition
04/30/2007 - Shelby Automobiles will use newly-developed Ford Racing GT500 performance packs to enhance Shelby GT500’s handling, styling and power.
Red Stripe Appearance Package for the Shelby GT500
04/20/2007 - Special package includes unique exterior striping and badges, Red and Black leather seating, special interior trim and logos and branded Shelby GT500 car cover.
612 Scaglietti HGTS for British Police Force
04/18/2007 - Ferrari has created a special version of the flagship V12 four-seater 612 Scaglietti liveried in British police colors.
New BMW M3 has 420 Horsepower
03/26/2007 - The new BMW M3 is entering the market with an eight-cylinder power unit – more cylinders, larger capacity, more power, higher engine speed.
Callaway to Unveil the C16 Convertible
03/19/2007 - Based on the current Chevrolet Corvette platform, the C16 convertible takes performance, style and open-air motoring to the next level.


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