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Triumph for Bugatti Veyron
06/29/2006 - The Bugatti Veyron has wiped the floor with the opposition in British Autocar magazine’s annual 0-100-0mph contest, even managing to beat a Suzuki GSX-R1000 superbike.
Brabus Rocket: 225.1 mph
06/27/2006 - During test runs on the Nardo high-speed track, the $435,000 high-performance automobile set a new top speed record for sedans: 225.1 mph (362.4 km/h).
New Feature-Packed Porsche Cayenne S Titanium Edition
06/15/2006 - New Cayenne model - created especially for the North American market - to offer exclusive colors, and comprehensive option package as standard equipment.
Supercharged Jaguar XKR Will Be Unveiled Next Month
06/12/2006 - Jaguar chose its home show, the British International Motor Show, to debut the new XKR.
Mercedes Debuts 400-Horsepower SLK 55 AMG
06/09/2006 - Mercedes AMG has developed an exclusive and distinctly puristic special series which sets new standards in driving dynamics.
380-Horsepower, Supercharged Nissan 350Z GT-S to Debut at Goodwood
06/08/2006 - Supercharging takes the power output of the Z’s much loved 3.5-liter V6 engine from 300 bhp to 380 bhp.
Novitec's Individualization Program For Ferrari Enzo
05/25/2006 - The program consists of a power-optimized stainless steel exhaust system, a set of rear lights and a set of side indicators.
New Entry-Level Porsche Cayman To Make Summer Debut
05/23/2006 - Powered by a 2.7-liter six-cylinder Boxer engine producing 245 horsepower, it is a more accessible version of the Cayman S, with a base price under $50,000.
05/22/2006 - The bold new body kit from a Swiss company Xeigen is geared towards those 350Z owners who want their car to be in the center of attention.
Porsche 996 With a 997 Make-Over
05/15/2006 - Hamann offers a cost-effective solution for those who want to get rid of the "fried egg" headlamps on their Porsche 996.
Mazda Unveils a Prodrive-Modified RX-8 in the UK
05/15/2006 - The special edition Mazda RX-8 PZ has been developed by Mazda jointly with Prodrive, and specialist component suppliers Bilstein, Eibach and OZ Racing.
Ascari KZ1 Heads for the Hollywood Hills
05/04/2006 - Ascari has topped a public vote to find the star car for the forthcoming Hollywood adaptation of the 70’s crime caper, the Persuaders.
The BMW M3 Celebrates its 20th Birthday
05/01/2006 - For 20 years the BMW M3 has been the by-word for race-bred on road excellence in a compact car.
The Caparo T1 Unveiled at Monaco
04/21/2006 - The world’s first ever 1,000 bhp-per-ton ultra high performance road and track car was unveiled by the Prince of Monaco.
Porsche Cayman S Declared 2006 World Performance Car
04/17/2006 - The Playboy's “Car of the Year” received another major award at the New York Auto Show.
Zagato 575 GTZ: An Unique Car Built for a Car Collector
04/14/2006 - The one-off 575 GTZ is based on a body of the Ferrari 575M, but the exterior style resembles that of the famous 250GTZ berlinetta.
The GT-R Will be Nissan
04/12/2006 - Nissan announced that the GT-R will be available in North America in Spring 2008 and badged as a Nissan model.
Custom Ford Fusion and F-150 by Funkmaster Flex
04/12/2006 - The guru of hip hop’s car culture, who is known for tuning celebrity rides, unveiled plans and artist renderings of his next two projects.
04/10/2006 - New Ford Mustang GT/CS pays homage to the original California Special model produced in 1968.
Lance Armstrong to Drive Corvette Z06 at 2006 Indy 500
04/05/2006 - Two racing icons will unite when Lance Armstrong, seven-time Tour de France winner, drives the 2006 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 pace car.


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