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Ultimate Driving Experience Awaits SRT Owners
04/27/2005 - Participants will test their driving skills with a variety of SRT vehicles, including the Dodge Viper SRT10.
New Zealand's Hulme.F1 Champion 1967 Supercar
04/25/2005 - The Hulme.F1 Champion 1967 is a jaw-dropping racing machine designed for road use.
BMW Present Safety Cars to MotoGP
04/09/2005 - Heading the BMW MotoGP fleet will be a 507 bhp M5 along with a recently launched 6 Series.
Colin Powell to Drive Corvette Pace Car at the Indianapolis 500
04/06/2005 - Neither Powell nor the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a stranger to Corvette.
Koenigsegg Breaks World Speed Record for Production Cars
03/15/2005 - The Koenigsegg CCR broke the production road car speed record, achieving a new official top speed of 241 mph (388 km/h) at Italy’s Nardo Prototipo proving ground.
Audi Breaks Ski Jump Record for the New TV Advert
03/15/2005 - A spectacular 1980s television commercial showing a gravity-defying Audi quattro saloon climbing 47 metres of treacherously steep, snow-covered ski jump has just been remade using a new A6 saloon.
Porsche Announces a New Sports Car - Cayman
02/24/2005 - Porsche will be expanding its range of vehicles with the introduction of a new sports car based on the Boxster series in the 2006 model year.
25 Years of the Audi quattro
02/22/2005 - Precisely 25 years ago, the first Audi quattro was shown to the public at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland.
Ascari KZ1R Makes First Track Appearance
02/04/2005 - Its powerful 5.0 litre BMW based V8 engine delivers 520 bhp and goes from 0-60 mph in 3.4 seconds.
All-New Mazda MX-5 Roadster to Debut at Geneva
02/02/2005 - Mazda Motor Corporation will publicly reveal the much anticipated third generation MX-5 roadster in March.
Ford Racing Mustang GT to Complete in Grand Am Cup
01/26/2005 - Race-prepared Mustang GT, as well as other Mustang enhancements, to be available in Ford Racing shop.
Supercharged Invicta to Make UK Debut
01/07/2005 - Called the Invicta S1-600, the new car is powered by a supercharged 5.0-litre V8 with more than 600 bhp.
Jaguar XK Victory Edition
01/07/2005 - The 2006 Jaguar XK 'Victory' editions celebrate Jaguar's wins in the North American Trans-Am series.
Nissan AZEAL Concept
12/21/2004 - The AZEAL Coupe Concept is Nissan's fresh interpretation of the “pocket rocket”.
Owen Developments to Unveil 450 bhp Lancer Evo Technology
12/14/2004 - They will reveal all their latest products, including a 450 bhp Evo Turbo kit, at the Autosport Show in the UK.
Saturn Sky Roadster to be Revealed at Detroit
12/13/2004 - Saturn released the first visual rendering of its upcoming two-seater sports roadster.
Morgan to Sell Le Mans Aero 8 on Ebay
11/04/2004 - It has nearly 500 bhp and certainly can’t be described as "never raced or rallied."
Ford Reveals Competition Program for Mustang
11/03/2004 - Ford plans to continue Mustang's presence on the race track with a new performance parts and competition program.
The New Chrysler 300 C by Startech
10/28/2004 - Startech refines the new four-door with elegantly shaped Startech body components.
Mercedes SL
10/19/2004 - Mercedes-Benz is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the legendary SL-Class sports car.


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