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More than 450 bhp for Lancer Evolution IX

More than 450 bhp for Lancer Evolution IX

Source: Turbo Dynamics | Published: August 2, 2005

Within days of the first Mitsubishi Evo IX arriving in the United Kingdom, technical experts from Turbo Dynamics were working on ways to extract even more power from the Japanese supercar.

And the good news is that development work is well underway and the turbo is expected to be available in the next couple of months.

Working with performance company EVO400, Peter Marsh from Turbo Dynamics has designed the new turbo, developing new and unrivalled levels of power from the car.

Expected to be in demand from owners around the world, Peter said that the current 406 bhp is set to be increased to more than 450 bhp.

"Whatever a manufacturer produces there are always drivers looking for more power and using our experience and expertise we are developing an upgraded turbo for the new model, said Peter who developed the first MD hybrid turbo in 1989.

The Evo IX turbo will have a cast magnesium compressor housing as standard and modifications from the standard turbo will include a four inch inlet and ported shroud together with a larger compressor wheel, ball bearing conversion, cut back turbine blades and an uprated actuator to create the new levels of power.

Expected to cost around 1,950 plus VAT Peter said that interest was already high in the newly developed turbo with Evo400 now taking orders for the modification.

Turbo Dynamics is an independent, family owned business, which was founded in 1991 and has its headquarters in sunny Christchurch on the south coast of United Kingdom.

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