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450 bhp Lancer Evolution Breaks Cover in the UK

450 bhp Lancer Evolution Breaks Cover in the UK

Source: Owen Developments Ltd | Published: June 14, 2004

Owen Developments (UK) Ltd from Oxfordshire, who are responsible for developing and manufacturing the FQ power upgrades for Lancer Evolutions for Mitsubishi Motors in the UK, introduced their 450 bhp, 400 lb-ft Lancer Evolution upgrade at Castle Combe circuit in Wiltshire.

Brian Owen, Managing Director said, "We are using the Book-a-Track event at Castle Combe to show visitors our latest developments. The power upgrade for the Lancer will initially be available for Evolution 4 to 7 models although we will be demonstrating this latest development in our own Evolution VIII development car. We expect prices to start in the region of £2,160 ($3,900) for the basic turbo kit but it will depend very much upon the current state of tune and how sound the engine and clutch are already. Either myself or Mark Harrison, our Performance Centre Manager, will talk to each potential customer about their car before we can give them an expected final cost. Depending upon demand, we will endeavour to do the conversion work at our Kingston Bagpuize headquarters but we have several specialist companies around the UK who can undertake this work."

Owen Developments, founded in 1980, provide a number of major manufacturers with engineering and power upgrade solutions for their vehicles and they supply power upgrades as OE equipment. They are also heavily involved in remanufacturing for many automotive companies.

Brian Owen said, "In our engineering work everything we do is designed, developed and manufactured in house except, casting, metal plating and paintwork. We adapt our products and Garrett turbochargers, MoTeC stand alone re-programmable engine management systems to meet the needs of our customers whether for fast road use or motorsport application. We are also agents for Revo, a new downloadable mapping system to re-programme all ECUís on VAG engines".

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