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Custom Ford Fusion and F-150 by Funkmaster Flex

Custom Ford Fusion and F-150 by Funkmaster Flex

Source: Ford Motor Company | Published: April 12, 2006

Ford is once again tapping into the car customizing talents of celebrated deejay and television host, Funkmaster Flex. The guru of hip hop’s car culture, who is known for tuning celebrity rides, unveiled plans and artist renderings of his next two projects, a new 2006 Ford Fusion and F-150.

Flex hits the road this summer with his latest Ford rides on the Funkmaster Flex 2006 Custom Car & Bike Show in conjunction with an onsite and online sweepstakes hosted on The custom vehicles will be transformed between various tour stops, completed in time for a public reveal at the New York International Auto Show on April 15.

After last year’s projects, including two sweepstakes vehicles and an “over-the-top” custom red Ford Fusion shown at the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, Flex wanted to take these latest rides in a different direction. In January, he made a visit to the North American International Auto Show in Detroit to meet with Ford designers and explore his dreams for his latest projects.

“In 2005, I saw some poppin’ trends happening in the whips I saw on my car show tour, at SEMA and the Detroit auto show,” said Flex. “With my latest Fusion and F-150, I wanted to incorporate these trends, along with some new ideas.”

Flex’s vision for the Fusion and F-150 were turned into early design renderings, including the following details:

2006 Funkmaster Flex Fusion Giveaway

  • Incorporating the chrome side mirrors
  • Adding an additional chrome bar to the Fusion’s dominant 3-bar grille
  • Fitting 20-inch chrome wheels

With a bold design and more chrome accents than any vehicle in its class, Fusion brings style to the midsize sedan. “I love chrome, you can never have enough chrome,” he said. Flex is looking to add even more chrome to his next project including:

For the exterior paint scheme Flex wanted to express some trends he noticed happening with the color orange and blue. He explored putting these color elements together with modern asymmetrical pinstripes that ran through the grille and rolled back across the hood, roof and rear-deck-lid. He accented this design with orange racing stripes on side of the car with the directional marker lights. Finally, he added some of his personality to the car by adding the Funkmaster Flex logo.

Flex plans on transforming the Fusion by enhancing its aggressive stands and driving stand. He will incorporate a 3dCarbon body kit used with his SEMA Fusion, coil-over springs and performance low-profile tires.

Once inside the cockpit, Flex will complement the exterior with a signature interior. It will include an impressive line of audio and video equipment.

2006 Funkmaster Flex F-150 Giveaway

Flex’s design inspiration for the F-150 came from some classic 70’s movies.

“I grew up watching these pictures like ‘Mean Streets’ and ‘Vanishing Point’ as a kid and I wanted to see what these gritty urban themes would look like in a modern tough truck like the F-150,” said Flex.

The F-150 features a two-tone black and red paint scheme with an orange pinstripe. Flex chose a similar red color that he discovered at the North American International Auto in Detroit on the hot Mazda Kabura concept. Flex then plans to add a mean streets style side graphic, which depicts a dark urban city landscape.

The truck will incorporate a new 3d Carbon body kit that will lower the front valence and side skirts. It will ride on 24-inch wheels and low-profile performance tires. To complete the Flex style, expect a signature one-of-a-kind interior and an impressive line of audio and video equipment.

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