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Supercharged Invicta to Make UK Debut

Supercharged Invicta to Make UK Debut

Source: Invicta | Published: January 7, 2005

Next week, the Invicta Car Company will reveal a sensational ultra high-performance supercharged version of its British-built S1 luxury two-seater sportscar. The new model will be unveiled on the Toyo Tire stand (9340) in Hall 9 of the NEC at the Autosport International show on Thursday 13 January, 2005.

Called the Invicta S1-600 and closely based on the current production model, the new car is powered by a supercharged 5.0-litre Ford V8 engine which produces more than 600 bhp at 4,500 rpm. As well as the new engine, which produces almost double the power of the standard S1-320 model, the showcar features a six-speed manual gearbox, refined aerodynamics and specially-made Toyo T1-R tires.

The showcar was manufactured in mid-2004 for the dual role of 200 mph record breaker – for Britain’s fastest blind driver, 42-year old Barclays bank manager Mike Newman and the ‘Vision 2020 the Right to Sight’ global charity – and to act as the development prototype for a range-topping 2005 Invicta production model for customers in search of ultra-high performance luxury. The Autosport International showcar is the same titanium silver S1-600 model that Mike Newman drove in the California desert last autumn.

"Everyone from Invicta and the Speed of Sight Project 200 was deeply disappointed that the record-breaking run planned for 14 October, World Sight Day 2004, had to be postponed," comments Invicta Chairman Michael Bristow. "But after our high-speed trials in the USA, we are now certain that the results of our wind-tunnel work, together with the new 600 bhp supercharged engine, the super-strong S1 chassis and the specially made Toyo tires, will deliver a truly record-breaking performance – given the right road and weather conditions.

Together with Mike and his team we are going to re-schedule the record-breaking run during 2005.

"The Autosport International show marks a new beginning for Invicta. After building and testing two prototypes, including the supercharged S1-600, and several customer cars, we have incorporated numerous small but worthwhile improvements to the 170 mph, 4.6-litre, V8-powered production S1-320 in response to both media and customer comments. Our aim is to deliver 20 cars in the next 12 months," concludes Bristow.

The Invicta S1-320 comes comprehensively and luxuriously equipped, with metallic paint, full leather interior, air-conditioning, RDS tuner/CD player, reverse-parking sensors, satellite navigation, anti-theft alarm and Tracker recovery system. Distinctive 19 inch, five-spoke alloy wheels shod exclusively with TOYO Proxes T1-S directional tires – are also included in the standard specification.

Designed to echo and surpass the effortless performance of pre-WWII Invicta cars, the thoroughly modern Invicta S1 is a genuine ‘Grand Tourer’. It boasts race-bred suspension, steering and brakes, a spacious luxurious cabin, cavernous boot and large capacity (100 litre) fuel tank for high speed, long distance cruising.

2006 Invicta S1-600
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