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Owen Developments to Unveil 450 bhp Lancer Evo Technology

Owen Developments to Unveil 450 bhp Lancer Evo Technology

Source: Owen Developments | Published: December 14, 2004

Being the designer, developer and OE supplier to Mitsubishi Motors in the UK for power upgrades, specifically for the L200 and Shogun Sport models, the FQ and the latest MR 400 Lancer Evolution, Owen Developments from Oxfordshire have a good story to tell.

They will reveal all their latest products and innovations, including a 450 bhp Evo Turbo kit, at the Autosport International and Racing Car Show which opens on 13 January at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, UK.

Brian Owen, managing director of Owen Developments said, "Much of the work we do is confidential and behind the scenes both for our industry OE clients and for works and private motorsport teams. The Autosport International Show is one of the few opportunities we have to showcase our work and products to the trade and general public".

"The latest Lancer Evolution VIII MR 400 is a classic example. Although other companies are involved in stripping, upgrading and rebuilding the original engine, we have been the instigators and the core suppliers of the design and development work to produce the power for this supercar. Being the Garrett Performance Centre for the UK, we have been able to use the vast range of products and technology to produce a bespoke turbocharger to meet the exacting requirements of Mitsubishi Motors UK. The new design exhaust manifold cast in stainless steel ensures not only an improved exhaust flow but also the reliability required for road going vehicles. The turbocharger installation requires control over and above the standard ECU, therefore we have selected the Motec M800 OEM for this purpose".

"After every Evo MR400 is finally re-assembled it comes to our four wheel drive rolling road facility at our headquarters for final re-mapping of the ECU for optimum performance before it is delivered by Mitsubishi to the customer. We are involved from start to finish. So to get this message across to the industry and customers we will be showing at Autosport International various components designed and manufactured by ourselves which will include our unique 450 bhp Evo Turbo kit".

"We hope that our prototype turbocharger for the Subaru will be available in time to make its debut at the show giving our customers a valuable insight into our Subaru upgrade programme to be introduced in 2005. Because of our achievements with the Lancer Evolution, we have received many requests from Subaru customers to provide something similar and we have again been asked to develop 400+ bhp power upgrades. We are initially planning to introduce early next year, two performance upgrade packages, a 350 and 400 bhp for 2002 year onwards Impreza models" said Owen.

2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR FQ400
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