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Mazda Kabura Sports Concept to Debut at NAIAS

Mazda Kabura Sports Concept to Debut at NAIAS

Source: Mazda | Published: December 15, 2005

Mazda will showcase the world premiere of the Mazda Kabura compact sports coupe concept vehicle at the 2006 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), to be held in Detroit from Sunday, January 8 through Sunday, January 22, 2006.

Mazda Kabura, a compact sports coupe, is a concept car designed at Mazda’s design center in California. Kabura is the third design concept vehicle from Mazda following Mazda SASSOU (designed at Mazda’s European Design Center) and Mazda SENKU (designed at Mazda’s Yokohama R&D Center near Tokyo), each reflecting the global influences that Mazda chief designers can draw from.

With a compact body, the Mazda Kabura sports coupe is a vehicle that is expected to combine the pleasures of sports car driving with functionality. With a rear-drive powertrain that elicits dynamic styling and a wide range of utilities on board, it was designed for first new car buyers who love to drive. Kabura is a concept car that embodies the highest elements of Mazda’s Zoom-Zoom ethos.

“Kabura” is a Japanese term taken from “Kabura-ya”, an arrow that makes a sound when fired and was used to signal the start of a battle. The “first arrow into battle” depicts Mazda’s spirit of pursuing unique and exciting ventures.

2006 Mazda Kabura Concept
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