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Novitec's Individualization Program For Ferrari Enzo

Novitec's Individualization Program For Ferrari Enzo

Source: Novitec | Published: May 25, 2006

The German company Novitec, known for its modification of cars from the Fiat group, is now offering a special individualization program for the Ferrari Enzo. It consists of a power-optimized stainless steel exhaust system, a set of rear lights and a set of side indicators. There is no information about how much horsepower the Enzo gains from the exhaust.

On request, Novitec also satisfies the desire for individuality in the cockpit. Similar to a valuable pearl in an open oyster, the company only uses the finest materials inside the car, such as Alcantara and leather, with inserts from carbon-fiber.

2002 Ferrari Enzo
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