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SpeedART Aero Kits for the 911 Turbo

SpeedART Aero Kits for the 911 Turbo

Source: SpeedART | Published: July 13, 2007

SpeedART recently released exterior modifications for the 997 Porsche Turbo in the form of the BTR (Bi-Turbo Racer) kit, but for all those customers that want a more exclusive ride, they have now revealed an upgraded XL line of accessories.

The "BTR-XL" package ups the ante by adding an adjustable front chin spoiler, adjustable rear wing, revised air intakes, a rear diffuser and a set of side skirts, all in an effort to increase down force at speed. All the parts can either be had painted to match the exterior hue or left with the tell-tale weave of carbon fiber, assuring that anyone within eye-shot is aware that you've got more money than you know what to do with.

New 20-inch rolling stock fill the wheel wells and cover a sports suspension and brake package, while a sport exhaust, with a "sound switch" and some ECU tuning increase output to 600 bhp.

Naturally, the interior gets a bit more trick, with the addition of new a steering wheel, short shifter and sport seats.

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