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Frankfurt Debut for the Suzuki Kizashi Sports Concept

Frankfurt Debut for the Suzuki Kizashi Sports Concept

Source: Suzuki | Published: August 11, 2007

Suzuki will be unveiling the Kizashi concept car at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show which runs from 13th-23rd September. The concept is an all-new proposal for Suzuki’s first contender in the D-segment and a significant step for the world’s twelfth largest automobile producer as it moves from a manufacturer specializing in compact cars and four-wheel drives to one offering a much broader product portfolio.

Full of energy, flexible and emotionally appealing, it represents the first example of the third phase in Suzuki’s new world strategy which will have status as its major theme. With this mid-range model the Japanese automobile producer will complete its ‘upward breakthrough’ enabling it to offer a much wider choice of product in the market.

There is also likely to be considerable interest in the World Rally Championship version of the SX4, which will make an appearance in Frankfurt before facing its first competitive test in mid October at the Rallye de France in Corsica. And alongside the rest of Suzuki’s current best selling models on the stand will be some leading edge products from Suzuki’s motorcycle and marine ranges.

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