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Honda Civic Type R Concept to Debut at Geneva

Honda Civic Type R Concept to Debut at Geneva

Source: Honda | Published: January 31, 2006

The iconic and hugely popular Honda Civic Type R owed its success to an unbeatable combination of high performance and affordability that instantly captured the hearts and minds of driving enthusiasts. At the 76th Geneva Motor Show Honda will be presenting the world debut of the Civic Type R Concept, which forms the basis of its successor.

Based on the new Civic 3-door which will appear in Europe later this year, the Civic Type R Concept adopts the bold and emotional styling of the widely acclaimed 5-door hatchback. The power comes from Honda’s 200 PS 2.0-liter, DOHC i-VTEC unit, the same competition-proven, high-rev pedigree engine as used in the out-going model. That means it will be as exciting to look at as it will be to drive.

The production version, like its predecessor, will be built at Honda’s Swindon, UK, plant and is due to go on sale in early 2007. The Civic Type-R will not be available in the US.

2007 Honda Civic Type R
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