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2006 Invicta S1-600

2006 Invicta S1-600
2006 Invicta S1-600 Specifications
Brakes F/R:ABS, vented disc/vented disc
Tires F-R:255/35 ZR19 - 275/35 ZR19
Driveline:Rear Wheel Drive
Type:V8, Supercharged
Displacement cu in (cc):305 (5000)
Power bhp (kW) at RPM:600(448) / 4500
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM:575(780) / 4500
Redline at RPM:n.a.
Length Width Height in:171.6 78 47.8
Weight lb (kg):3042 (1380)
Acceleration 0-62 mph s:3.8
Top Speed mph (km/h):> 200 (322)
Fuel Economy EPA city/highway mpg (l/100 km):n.a.
Base Price: 2006 Invicta S1-600 - 150,000 (last update: 2/22/2007)

Secret British Sportscar

The Invicta Car Company revealed a sensational ultra high-performance supercharged version of its British-built S1 luxury two-seater sportscar. The new model has been unvelied at the Autosport International show on Thursday 13 January, 2005.

Called the Invicta S1-600 and closely based on the current production model, the new car is powered by a supercharged 5.0-litre Ford V8 engine which produces more than 600 bhp at 4,500 rpm. As well as the new engine, which produces almost double the power of the standard S1-320 model, the showcar features a six-speed manual gearbox, refined aerodynamics and specially-made Toyo T1-R tires.

The showcar was manufactured in mid-2004 for the dual role of 200 mph record breaker - for Britain's fastest blind driver, 42-year old Barclays bank manager Mike Newman and the 'Vision 2020 the Right to Sight' global charity - and to act as the development prototype for a range-topping 2005 Invicta production model for customers in search of ultra-high performance luxury. The Autosport International showcar is the same titanium silver Invicta S1-600 model that Mike Newman drove in the California desert last autumn.

Engine & Performance

Fundamental to Invicta's desire to deliver no-compromise performance in terms of handling balance and sheer speed, was the decision to mount the S1's engine and gearbox well back in the chassis and the 100-litre fuel tank transversely between the rear wheels, to achieve close to the ideal 50/50 front/rear weight distribution.

Fitted with Invicta's own air-intake and exhaust systems, the 5.0-liter engine powering the S1-600 range is supplied by Ford's Special Vehicle Team (SVT) in America. Light, smooth-revving and ultra-reliable, this engine delivers stunning acceleration in the 3042 lbs Invicta S1-600. Each engine is hand-built at Ford's SVT facility and carries a plaque signed by the two technicians responsible for its assembly.

The completely flat floor of the S1 and the rising rear undertray give low-drag and generate downforce. Tests in the full size wind tunnel at MIRA confirm that the Invicta S1 will remain stable if driven at speeds in excess of 200 mph where road conditions permit.

The combination of high power, massive torque and low weight is a recipe for good fuel economy and wonderful performance.

Transmission & LSD

A six-speed manual transmission is standard in the Invicta S1-420 and in the S1-600.

Drive from the front-mounted engine travels via the gearbox to the rear wheels through an Australian BTR hydratak viscous-coupling racing limited-slip differential.

Brakes, Wheels & Tires

With four large-diameter, cross-drilled and ventilated discs, the braking system of the S1 is very close to a racing configuration, with AP 6-pot (front) and 4-pot (rear) brake calipers. The standard set-up uses anti-squeal brake pads and calipers for quiet operation in normal road use. A change of pad material will ensure that the Invicta S1 can be used all day on a race track without running out of brakes.

British designed - Italian made, five-spoke cast alloy wheels provide an aggressive compliment to the smooth flanks of the Invicta S1. Nineteen inches in diameter, the 8.5 inch wide (front) and 9.5 inch (rear) wheels offer a clear view of the massive discs and their Invicta-branded brake calipers.

The Interior

From the concept stage, Invicta was determined that the S1 would have a spacious cabin, with particularly generous head and leg room. The supportive seats are trimmed to match the interior, and offer a wide range of movements, together with adjustable lumbar support.

The steering wheel is adjustable for reach and rake, and its 14-inch diameter rim frames an array of bespoke traditional instruments. The wide centre console is trimmed in brushed aluminum and topped by triple air-vents. It houses satellite navigation as standard, together with controls for the climate-control, air conditioning and the car audio equipment. Both front and rear windscreens are electrically heated and the S1 features a filler on each rear wing so that the fuel tank can be replenished from either side.

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