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Lightning GT

Lightning GT
Lightning GT Specifications
Chassis TypeMult-Tubular Spaceframe Backbone Chassis
SuspensionFront and Rear Double Wishbone
Shock AbsorbersCoil-Over
Wheel-Mounted Electric MotorsFour 120kw Power Permanent Magnet Brushless Motors
BatteriesNanoSafe Battery Packs, 36 kw
HorsepowerGreater than 700 "Equivalent" hp
Length175 in.
Width76.3 in.
Height47.2 in.
Wheelbase102 in.
Ground Clearance5.51 in.
Body TypeFixed Roof Coupe
MaterialsCarbon Fiber/ Kevlar Composite
Wheels20 x 7.5J Aluminum or Magnesium/Carbon Fiber Alloy
TiresCooper Zeon 2XS 245/40R20
0-100 km/h (0-62 mph)Less than 4 sec
Base Price: Lightning GT - Unreleased. 15,000 Pre-Orders Available

Move Over, Tesla, the Electric Lightning GT Supercar is Coming

The Lightning GT is making quite a stir in "green car" circles, even though a prototype model of the high performance Lightning electric car has not even been released yet! British startup Lightning Car Company has made some bold promises with regards to the Lightning GT, including "greater than 700 horsepower," "sub-4 second 0-60 time" and AWD, all from a radically designed electric car with no emissions.

A common complaint of electric hybrid cars such as the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight, or full electric models, is lackluster performance and driving too "soft" to sway car enthusiasts toward even considering an environmentally friendly sports car. Tesla Motors was the first to get this concept spot-on with the all-electric Tesla Roadster high performance green car, but Lightning Car Company promises the Lightning GT will be even better. The Lightning GT official images show a car that certainly looks the part, with a long hood and rear cab styling reminiscent of something BMW M Coupe or Jaguar XKR.

The trouble with such startup manufacturers as Lightning Car Company is they come out with bold claims of the car that will change the world, and then the thing never gets past the prototype stage. The Lightning GT certainly features some interesting technologies, including four electric motors powering each wheel directly, eliminating the need for many of the standard drivetrain components that suck power away by the time it gets to the road.

If this full electric sports car makes it to production, expect them to sell out lightning quick as well-heeled British and international buyers seek the latest and greatest, and to associated themselves with doing good things for the planet, without the compromises of electric and hybrid electric cars to date.

Lightning Car Company is now taking deposits--read "investments"--for Lightning GT preorders in the amount of £15,000. This will get you near the top of the list to get into the cockpit of one of these promising electric sports cars, should they ever make it all the way to production.


In June 2007, The Lightning Car Company announced its intent to develop electric technology for a luxury British sports car - the Lightning GT. Today sees the unveiling of its evolutionary design. This super car with its outstanding presence & performance is set to put British sports car innovation well and truly back on the map.

Designed to accommodate the latest battery and motor technology and reflect its 100% electric power and performance, the electric Lightning prototype is being hand-built by a small team of passionate British engineers, designers and collaborators.

Whilst the rest of the automotive world engages in the hybrid, hydrogen or electric debate, the Lightning Car Company firmly believes its 100% Electric Lightning GT will help kick start the market for performance EV's. Without a significant positive shift in perception, electric motoring will remain a huge compromise in the eyes of driving enthusiasts and therefore fail to impress the masses. Our vision is shared by the world's biggest car maker, General Motors, who believes the global oil supply has peaked and a switch to electric cars is inevitable...

The design team has created a successor to the petrol Lightning GT. Combining the spirit, heritage, individuality and drama of the original car with a dynamic and contemporary design language moves it into a new era and, in doing so, embraces the new technologies and innovative architecture that reside beneath its skin. Subtle creases, positive and negative sections add a sense of strength and finesse to the dramatic surfaces of the car while retaining an understated, yet distinctive British Grand Tourer aesthetic. The Lightning's interior will also be designed to complement the unique electric driving experience.

With the build of the prototype well underway, we should see how this translates into the 'real thing' during the second half of 2008. The electric Lightning GT and Sports versions are now available to pre-order and deposits of £15,000 are being accepted.


The vehicle proportion has been retained yet exaggerated, enhancing the dramatic volumes of the car. A reduction of visual mass through the corners of the vehicle has assisted creating a more dynamic shape in keeping with the lightweight ethos of the vehicle.

The Carbon skin appears to be draped over the revised chassis architecture and wheels creating powerful arch bulges and undulations within the surfaces. These augment the sense of drama and character, enhancing the visual strength of the vehicle.

Feature creases run from front to rear of the car accelerating your eye through the surfaces generating a subtle nose forward movement while linking key functional areas.

The iconic head fairings have been retained and revised carbon panels form exit air vents. Vents in the bonnet and side surfaces hint at the performance credentials of the car while adding visual continuity, interest and cooling of the power source.

The "face" of the car has been reinterpreted to generate a stronger, more contemporary shape. The light cluster design follows the crease line forming an aggressive feature while the revised "mouth" encases feature fog lamps.

In place of the exhaust housing is a down force generating sculptured diffuser. Rear lamps are inset into a Carbon fibre graphic adding sophistication while generating a signature rear shape. The overall design appears lower, wider and more muscular than its predecessor hinting at superior aggression and performance characteristics.

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