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Lotus Elite

Lotus Elite
Lotus Elite Specifications
Transmission Full Hybrid transmission
Type:Petrol, hybrid optional
Engine & Transmission
Power bhp (kW) at RPM:620 PS
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM:720 Nm
Height 1.32m
Acceleration (0-100 km/h)3.5 to 3.7 seconds
Top Speed315 km/h

Ö.enjoy the new British Expression of Exclusivity

Source: Lotus

Ten days ahead of the official unveil at the Paris Motor Show the sun starts to rise for the dawn of Lotusí new era - the Elite will redefine ďmodern classicĒ.

So here it is, the Lotus Elite, the first taste of whatís to come from Lotus in the future. Look up elegant in the dictionary and youíll find variations on the following 1. dignified grace in appearance, movement, or behaviour, 2. superb taste in design, style and 3. something elegant; the ultimate refinement.

The ground-breaking new Elite is exactly that. Itís compact yet chic body is elegance incarnate. Itís not only exquisitely elegant, in keeping with Lotusí core values, itís a car of substance incorporating some of the very latest technological innovations Lotus has to offer. The slick retractable hard top version and the optional use of hybrid technology with KERS are typical examples of Lotus tailoring technology to deliver perfect performance.

Dany Bahar, CEO of Group Lotus said: ďThereís no denying that the Elite is breathtakingly beautiful to look at but itís so much more than that, itís a car that over delivers in all other aspects as well. One could say itís a car of perfect contradictions, itís compact yet spacious, high performing yet low emitting, lightweight yet still reassuringly solid. Itís a car that we are exceptionally proud of at Lotus and we truly believe that there is nothing else like it out there both in terms of styling and performance.

ďMake no mistake, thereís a definite market requirement for the Elite Ė itís the ultimate sports car feel with comfort and space. There will always be those who believe that Lotus should stick to small sports cars but we didnít take the decision to design something like the Elite lightly, itís based on months of careful research and planning. Itís worth noting this sector has been very successful for us in the past and now the Elite raises the benchmark higher still.Ē Set for release in spring 2014, this is an innovative, exciting GT that will set a new benchmark in design, performance and emissions. And itís not all about sleek lines and stunning bodywork with this particular 2+2, what hides beneath this shark like exterior perfectly does the aesthetics justice. A front-mid positioned 5.0l V8 engine delivering up to 620 PS meaning drivers can expect to go from 0-100 km/h in approximately 3.5 to 3.7 seconds. ENDS


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