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2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible

2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible
2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible Specifications
Brakes F/R:ABS, vented disc/disc
Tires F-R:195/55 R16
Driveline:Front Wheel Drive
Type:Inline-4, Supercharged
Displacement cu in (cc):98 (1598)
Power bhp (kW) at RPM:168(125) / 6000
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM:162(220) / 4000
Redline at RPM:n.a.
Length Width Height in:143.9 66.5 55.5
Weight lb (kg):MT: 2844 (1290) AT: 2888 (1310)
Acceleration 0-60 mph s:MT: 7.0 AT: 7.6
Top Speed mph (km/h):134 (215)
Fuel Economy EPA city/highway mpg (l/100 km):25/32 (8.8)
Base Price: 2007 Mini Cooper S Convertible - $25,400 / 24,000 (last update: 3/27/2007)

The Fun of Mini Motoring - Without the Top

The Mini Cooper S Convertible brings the fun of open to motoring to the Mini brand. The authentic four-passenger convertible have been engineered from the ground up to be fun-to-drive cars while offering a high level of safety and practicality.

The design of the Cooper S Convertible does not compromise appearance, functionality and engineering, and remains honest to the Mini concept of go-kart-like performance with a recognizable "Mini" appearance from every angle.

For 2006 the Mini Cooper S Convertible is now available in Pepper White. And the popular John Cooper Works kit is now a factory installed option. The package not only includes the engine performance kit, but a limited-slip differential and the John Cooper Works brake kit.

Always a Mini, Top Up or Down

The Cooper S Convertible design combines sporty muscular styling with the functionality of a true four-seater, and yet looks like a Mini, top up or down. When closed, the roof of the Cooper S Convertible is slightly lower than the roof of the Mini hardtop, however the car still retains the signature Mini upright silhouette.

Due to the rigid structure of the car's body, the car does not require a protruding B-pillar or a "basket handle" structure behind the doors. Additionally the windshield is at an upright angle, providing more open space overhead. These design elements lend a feeling of spaciousness when the top is open and underscore that the Cooper S Convertible is a true open-top car.

The Mini Cooper S Convertible continues to be distinguished by its design cues that underscore the performance the Cooper S provides under the hood. The air intake scoop on the hood not only gives a muscular appearance, but provides fresh air to the supercharged engine's intercooler. The intercooler sits below a slight bulge in the bonnet, which is 1.6-inches higher than the standard hood. The Mini Cooper S Convertible also features distinctive body-color bumpers and three-slat grille, front and black, honeycomb lattice integrated into the lower valences.

Hot Wheels

The Mini Cooper S Convertible comes standard with 16-inch "Seven-Fin" Spoke design light alloy wheels mounted with 195/55 R16 run-flat tires. There is also a 16-inch" V Spoke wheels with all-season tires that can be selected. Optional sport wheels and tires for the Mini Cooper S Convertible include a set of sporty 17-inch "Five-Spoke Bullet" or 17-inch "Web-Spoke" light-alloy wheels with 205/45 R17 run-flat tires.

A Sporty Cockpit

The interior of the Mini Convertible and the Mini Cooper S Convertible have received the same attention to detail as the exterior. The highest-grade fabrics and surfaces complement the Convertible's sporting characteristics.

The Mini Convertibles offer multiple interior colors including an exclusive Sunrise Dark Blue cloth/leather upholstery choice that is water-resistant - a perfect material for a car which will likely spend most of the time with its top down. There are eight different upholstery choices for the Mini Cooper Convertible and seven different for the Mini Cooper S Convertible. Other upholstery materials include cloth, leather and leatherette.

Convertible "S" Power

The Mini Cooper S Convertible features a 1.6 liter supercharged power plant. Performance output with its low-restriction exhaust and modified gear ratios is 168 horsepower at 6,000 rpm. This allows the S Convertible to accelerate from zero to 60 in just 7.0 seconds and achieve a top speed of 134 mph.

In the Mini Cooper S, this 16-valve unit's performance is further enhanced by a mechanically driven supercharger and intercooler. The supercharger compresses the fresh air drawn in by the engine to a pressure of 0.8 bar. Since the air warms up in this compression process, it is then cooled by an intercooler before entering the combustion chambers, thus ensuring a significant increase in engine charge, output, and performance.

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