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2009 Peugeot RC Hybrid Electric Concept

2009 Peugeot RC Hybrid Electric Concept
2009 Peugeot RC Hybrid Electric Concept Specifications
LayoutFront Engine
Horsepower313 hp
Engine TypeLow Emissions Hybrid Electric Powertrain
Body Type4 Door, 4 Seat GT Sedan
EmissionsLess than 109 g/km, Zero Emissions in Full-Electric Mode
Base Price: 2009 Peugeot RC Hybrid Electric Concept - Concept Car - N/A

Add the Peugeot RC to the Short Hybrid Electric Performance Car List

Peugeot has just announced an exciting new concept electric/gas hybrid sports sedan, which they are only calling the "Peugeot RC..." until its more complete introduction at the Paris International Motor Show very soon.

The new 2009 Peugeot RC concept continues the design language set out by the Peugeot RC ♠ and RC ♦ concepts released in 2006, striking cars that ended up showing bits and pieces of Peugeot's actual new design language.

Information is sparse on the new Peugeot electric sports sedan concept, possibly because as what Peugeot calls a "working laboratory," it hasn't completely been... finished yet.

The new Peugeot RC... whatever it ends up being called... concept is part of a growing trend among automakers toward developing and offering performance electric or hybrid electric sports cars. While every driver on the road would love the fuel economy of a Toyota Prius, many drivers will not settle for 10 second 0-60 times.

It is an exciting time in the automotive industry, as electric, hydrogen-burning and fuel cell technologies have left the stage of vaporware and are now beginning to become available in consumer cars. These fuel efficient performance cars have moved past the stage of dreams to realities, and the next step is to bring them to the stage of profitability and marketability.

Similar to the drivetrain model used in the upcoming Chevy Volt, the 2009 Peugeot RC concept promises the ability to run solely off electric power for extended periods, with a hybrid electric powertrain filling in the gaps when extra range is needed.

While it is clear from the wishful-thinking design that the Peugeot RC concept is a good distance from being built, the fact that another large player in the car business is actively developing this technology is a cause for excitement among tree huggers and autocrossers alike.

At least we can all agree on something.


Official Peugeot News Release...

The 'RC...' whose full name will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show, is a hybrid concept car created from the passion and expertise of Peugeot's stylists and engineers.

It is a 'GT' coupé which provides the missing link between the RC ♠ and RC ♦ concept cars revealed in 2002 and the 908 RC, one of the stars of the 2006 Paris Motor Show. It's a working laboratory of many future ideas and brings together numerous stylistic, engineering and technological ideas all in a single vehicle.

The 'RC...' is also an accessible and versatile car, with four doors, four seats and highly innovative hybrid architecture.

Its aim: a very high level of efficiency both in terms of performance (with its potential maximum power output of 313 bhp) and minimal impact on the environment (CO2 emissions of 109 g/km in the combined cycle or ZERO in electric mode).

It is an exciting, eco-efficient vehicle which has all the characteristics that also ensure great driving enjoyment; a synthesis of ideas which demonstrates that respect for the environment and driving pleasure can be compatible.

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