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2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP

2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP Specifications
Brakes F/R:ABS, vented disc/vented disc
Tires F-R:225/50 R18 - 255/45 R18
Driveline:Front Wheel Drive
Displacement cu in (cc):325 (5328)
Power bhp (kW) at RPM:303(226) / 5600
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM:323(438) / 4400
Redline at RPM:6100
Length Width Height in:198.3 73.8 55.7
Weight lb (kg):3600 (1650)
Acceleration 0-60 mph s:5.6
Top Speed mph (km/h):n.a.
Fuel Economy EPA city/highway mpg (l/100 km):18/28 (n.a.)
Base Price: 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix GXP - $28,745 (last update: 1/26/2007)

Pontiac Grand Prix GXP: The Ultimate Grand Prix

For 2007, the Grand Prix lineup includes the well-equipped Grand Prix, the sporty Grand Prix GT and the high performance Grand Prix GXP.

The Grand Prix GXP has unique suspension tuning befitting its role as the ultimate Grand Prix. A more aggressive look results from a re-tuned suspension that lowers the GXP approximately 9 mm. Bilstein gas-charged struts, higher-rate springs, and a larger hollow rear stabilizer bar are also used. The stabilizer bar reduces body roll.

GXP-specific body enhancements complement the car's aggressive stance, with front and rear fascias along with rocker extensions accentuating the low look. Prominent exhaust outlets in the rear fascia combine with GXP badges to foretell the car's performance capability.

The Grand Prix GXP has an upgraded brake system designed to match the car's enhanced awesome performance capability. Oversized four-wheel vented disc brakes with Bosch four-channel ABS provide superior braking.

The Grand Prix GXP also offers a unique feature of the different-width 18-inch polished forged aluminum wheels. The front wheels are eight inches wide, while and the rear wheels are seven inches wide. Tire sizes are 255/45 R18 and 225/50 R18 respectively. The tires are W speed-rated. Wider front wheels help the GXP achieve a more neutral cornering stance and optimize the inherent handling characteristics of a front-wheel drive vehicle. StabiliTrak, GM's electronic stability control system, and Magnasteer II are standard equipment.

StabiliTrak greatly improves vehicle control with a series of sophisticated sensors that maintain vehicle direction by independently applying brake force at the appropriate corners of the car. StabiliTrak monitors differences between the driver's desired path and the vehicle's actual path and then takes preventive measures to maintain the desired path. StabiliTrak greatly reduces the possibility of oversteer or understeer. StabiliTrak is integrated with the vehicle's ABS and traction control systems.

5.3L V-8 Up Close

The Grand Prix's 5.3L V-8 with Active Fuel Management (AFM) technology was developed exclusively for front-drive applications. The engine produces 303 horsepower and 323 lb-ft of torque, with AFM helping to reduce fuel consumption by up to 12 percent in certain light-load driving conditions. It also is capable of helping the GXP achieve 0-to-60 times in 5.6 seconds.

AFM technology enables fuel economy gains by reducing the number of cylinders engaged in the combustion process. A sophisticated engine controller determines when to deactivate cylinders, allowing the engine to maintain vehicle speed in lighter-load conditions such as highway cruising. When the cylinders are deactivated, the engine effectively operates as a V-4, with alternate cylinders on each cylinder bank disabled. The engine returns to V-8 mode the instant the controller determines the vehicle speed or load requires additional power. The process is seamless and virtually imperceptible.

The 5.3L V-8 is mounted traversely to accommodate the Grand Prix's front-wheel drive chassis.

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